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ToMu offers One Unified Solution for your organization Learning & Development needs to improve employees' performance and productivity in order to accelerate organizational development.

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One Unified Solutions
ToMu is a One-Stop Learning & Development Solution from learning marketplace, course delivery, centralising management, to administrative process, thus increasing data quality & making it into an actionable measurement.
Data Driven AI
ToMu uses Data-Driven AI, to recommend the most relevant courses with high success rate and personalised learning journey for each individuals in your organization!
Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)
ToMu prioritizes virtual live sessions to empower two-way interaction between participants and instructors that impact the learning process to become more interactive and effective.
Objective Key Results (OKR)
You can measure and analyse the progress from each individuals to departments in order to achieve the best results in your organizations.
ROI in Learning & Development
With the ROI feature in ToMu, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your organization's learning & development programs.

Various types of programs for you

ToMu encourages personal and professional development. From leadership, hard skills, career development to wellbeing. Improve the quality of your learning with guaranteed results.

Identify individuals learning gaps to be improved

How it works

Register your Organizations
It all starts with an easy step: Fill in the form and the required documents. No monthly subscription!
Set Up Organizations
Set up your organization on ToMu. Invite and/or accept your team into ToMu and centralise the learning & development process in one platform.
Personalized L&D Program
ToMu accommodates you to have total control in order to make personalised L&D programs to explore, buy, and assign courses for your employees.
Get Real-Time Data
Get real-time dana and turn it into an actionable insight using our OKR features. With our ROI features, you can track every penny of your organization investment.

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